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    A choice of design works that I did for myself and for friends.

    "Nuovi ricchi" - 2013

    A refused logo for an alternative band called "Nuovi ricchi" (Nouveau riches)

    "Superbacana!" - 2011

    Logotype and visual identity for my friends @Superbacana!

    "Marx" - 2013

    Snack Eaters Of The World, Unite!

    "Mormora" - 2013

    A poster for a nice initiative in Ancona - designers and artist were invited to send a "fish" for a special exhibition about the request of opening the Ancona harbour to the people

    "Quadrato del Sator" - 2012

    A graphic exercise based on the famous "Quadrato del Sator"

    "Pensare primitivo" - 2011

    Poster for the presentation of a book about Primitive Thinking

    "Macadam" - 2002

    Poster for a music gig

    "Giallo e nero metropolitano" - 2011

    Image and design for a literature festival in Pavia

    "Frammenti 1992-2003" - 2007

    Inlay and cover design for a Cd of the seminal hardcore group from Torino.
    Cover illustration by Mauro Gottardo

    "Dogs die in hot cars" - 2007

    From a series of designs printed on polycarbonated plastic

    "Jasonama" - 2012

    Poster design for a punk concert

    "The horror of party beach!" - 2012

    Typographic work based on an old horror movie

    "Make music not money" - 2008

    A book about punk HC scene in Italy in the '90. Selfpublished in 500 copies, definitively a must have - if you can still find one!

    "Is your God dead? Try mine" - 2007

    From a series of designs printed on polycarbonated plastic

    "Skull and bones" - 2011

    A typographic experiment

    "Save energy" - 2011

    "Italia la punk 1998" - 1998

    Very old artwork for a 7" record compilation by the punk/crust italian label Agipunk. All the envelopes (2000 copies) were hand-stenciled with black spray.